MN Viewer, short for Mobile Network Viewer, is a lightweight framework that is designed for system administrators who would like to be able to monitor many aspects of their network, right from their mobile phone. Where MN viewer excels is that it allows for very simple expansion using simple PHP plugins. I am writing this software because there seems to be a lack of network monitoring tools that target the mobile phone interface. Using MN Viewer, you will be able to retrieve information from other tools and display it in a mobile friendly web page. For example, one of my favorite network monitoring tools is Cacti. Cacti is a very powerful, and highly configurable tool. The only downside to this software is that there does not appear to be a very simple, mobile interface for it that allows for view-only monitoring of the devices that the Cacti installation monitors. Using MN Viewer and a simple plugin, this is no longer the case!

Read on below for more information about MN Viewer and to help you determine if it is right for you.

Latest News

Plugin Released: Apcupsd 1.0

Plugin number two has arrived! The Apcupsd 1.0 plugin for the MN Viewer framework is now available for download. This is the initial release of the plugin and supports pulling the following basic realtime information from one or more Apcupsd installations:

  • Hostname
  • UPS Model
  • Status
  • Charge
  • Estimated time remaining
  • Current load
  • Input/output voltage
  • Low/High transfer voltage
  • Normal voltage

In the future, support for recent events will also be added to this plugin to allow easy viewing of power events.

Plugin Released: Cacti Devices 1.0

It's finally here! What is that you might ask? The first MN Viewer plugin, that's what. I have released a copy of the Cacti Devices plugin that is now available for download. Grab your copy now!


MN Viewer Framework 0.1.1 Released

Last night I released MN Viewer Framework 0.1.1. This is not a significant release, but instead fixes one small bug and adds necessary support to pave the way to the release of the first couple plugins. Please stay tuned because I will have the first couple plugins released in the next couple days!

Browse over to the download page to grab the latest copy of the MN Viewer framework.



These are the recommended downloads for production use.

Version Release Date Download Format
MN Viewer 0.1.1 05-23-2011 tar.gz :: tar.bz2 :: zip
MN Viewer 0.1 05-14-2011 tar.gz :: tar.bz2 :: zip
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